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BAYLEY (Herbert)The Post Office in Barbados (British West Indies): a brief history containing special chapters on postage stamps and postmarks [1993]N/A
BAZILEVICH (K V)The Russian posts in the XIX century [1987]Russia
BDPhGerman Colonies & Post Offices Abroad (2019)N/A
BEALE (P)The Corsini Letters [2011]N/A
BEALE (P)The Agents of the General Post Office in West Africa during the 19th century [2008]N/A
BEALE (P)The Royal Mail in the reigns of Edward VI, Philip and Mary, Elizabeth I, James I and Charles I to 1635 [2005]N/A
BEALE (Philip O)England’s mail: two millenia of letter writing [2005]N/A
BEALE (Philip O)A history of the post in England from the Romans to the Stuarts [1998]N/A
BEALE (Philip O)The postal service of Sierra Leone, its history, stamps and stationery until 1961 [1988]N/A
BEAUFOND (E H de)Catalogue des marques postales dites ‘Nomes revolutionaires’ (1793) [1945]N/A
BEAVER (Christopher Martin)The Welsh MailcoachesCoaching
BECK (John)Captain John Bull of the Falmouth Packet Service [1995]Maritime
BECK (Warren A)Historical atlas of California [1974]N/A
BECKER (A)Lake Maggiore, Its History, Posts & Steamers during the 19th & 20th centuries [2008]Maritime
BECKER (A)The Censorship of the Civil Mails in Italy and its Colonies during World War One, [2010]Italy, Military, WW1
BECKER (A)The Port of Livorno – A Survey of its Maritime Postal History 17th to the 20th Centuries [2015]Maritime
BECKER (A)The Port of Livorno – A Survey of its Maritime Postal History 17th to the 20th Centuries [2015]Maritime
BEECH (D R)New Zealand and Dependencies: A Philatelic Bibliography [2003] Revised Edition [2004]N/A
BEECH (David)Falkland Islands: the ‘Travis’ franks & coversN/A
BEECHER (Henry W)US domestic postal rates 1872-1999, 2nd ed [1994]N/A
BEET (Brian)Les boites a timbres: stamp boxes [1994]N/A
BEHREND (George)Channel silver wings: a record of air service 1947-1972N/A
BEITH (Richard)British South American Airways 1946-1949: a sourcebook for aerophilatelists, with notes on previous attempts to introduce a British South Atlantic air mail service [2004]Aviation
BEITH (Richard)The Italian South Atlantic air mail service 1939-1941 [1993]Aviation
BEITH (Richard)Scottish air mails 1919-1979 [1981]Aviation
BEITH (Richard)Yorkshire air mails: a chronological history of aerophilatelic events with Yorkshire connections [1983]Aviation
BEITH (Richard)The Postal History of the Free Czechoslovak Forces in Great Britain 1940-45 [2002]Military
BelgiumLe courrier des prisonniers de guerre belges en 40-45 [1985]Belgium, Military, WW2
BENES (Frantisek)Posta v ghettu Terezin / Dir post im Ghetto Theresienstadt / Mail service in the Ghetto Terezin [1996]N/A
BENHAM (Ken)The village undated handstamps of Yorkshire [1982]N/A
BENIANS (F W)Egypt postage prepaid military datestamps 1941-1947 [1978]Military
BENNETT (Edward)The Post Office and its story: an interesting account of a great government department [1912]N/A
BENNETT (Russell)Philatelic terms illustrated [1972]N/A
BENTLEY (M)The British Post Office in Colombia 1821-1881 (2010)N/A
BENTLEY (Wilfred)Postal history & postmarks of the Franco-Prussian War & after 1870-1871 [1955]France, Germany, Military
BENTZ (Gunther)Katalog der Saar-Preussenstempel in der markenzeit (15.11.1850 – 31.12.1867) [1974]N/A
BENWELL (Basil B)The postal markings of Barbados [1961]N/A
BER (A),Handbook of the Hungarian pre-stamp mailN/A
BERGENSKE STEAMSHIP COMPANYPost-passenger & goods routes October to March 1906 & April-September 1907Maritime
BERGIER (Joseph)La petite poste maritime – la poste maritime au XVIIIe siecle Marques occasionnelles manuscrites [1989]Maritime
BERGIER (Joseph)Relations aeropostales entre Europe et l’Amerique du Nord 1919-1945… 3rd ed [2001]Aviation
BERNARDELLI (RStamps of Italy used abroad, Pts 1-6Italy
BERRY (A P)New Zealand and Dependencies: A Philatelic BibliographyN/A
BEVEREN (Frans J van)Introducing combi-mail aeropostal history [1997]Aviation
BIANCHI (Paolo)I bolli postali delle armate francesi a Napoli 1798-1810N/A
BIANCO (Umberto del)gli annulli marittimi Italiani in uso anteriormente al 1891 [1968]N/A
BIANCO (Umberto del)Il Lloyd Austriaco egli annulli marittimi dell’ Austria-Ungheria, studio di storia postale Vol. 1: Le Linee dell Adriatico; Vol. 2: Le Linee del Levante; Vol. 3: Attivita postale autonoma Lloydiana neMaritime
BILLIG (Fritz)Die abstempelungen Siziliens (c1853-63) [1933]N/A
BILLIG'S PHILATELIC HANDBOOKThe library has volumes 2 -4, 7 to 10, 12, 14, 16-17, 19-20, 22-24. 26-27, 32 [1943-1955]N/A
BINDER (Gerhard)The postal rates in Germany from 1906-1923: the high inflation 1923. [2001]N/A