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BIRCH (J Alfred)The postal history of Sweden [1960]N/A
BIRKEN (Andreas)Philatelic atlas of the Ottoman Empire [1992]N/A
BISHOP (G T)Treaty Post postmarks on Hong Kong stamps [1927]N/A
BISHOP (G T)Hong Kong & the Treaty Ports: postal history & postal markings…revised by H E Lobdell & Adrian Hopkins [1949]N/A
BLACKBURN (A D) [PHIL] The penny postage jubilee and philatelic historyN/A
BLACKBURN (J Lewis)Postage rates of China 1867-1980N/A
BLACKMAN (G J) Postmarks of British railway stationsN/A
BLAIR (Neil)The postal history of Perth [1976]N/A
BLAIR (Neil)Overseas letter postage from India 1854-1876N/A
BLAKE (Maurice C)Postal markings of Boston Massachusetts to 1890 [1949]N/A
BODILY (Ritchie),British pictorial envelopes of the 19th century.[1984]N/A
BOETSCH (Jean)Les postes locales au Maroc [1977]Local
BOFARULL (S)Un Correo Letal: La Carta Bomba [2001]N/A
BOFARULL (S)Postal Dogs [2008]N/A
BOFARULL (Salvador)El correo por esquis [1999]N/A
BOFARULL (Salvador)Pigeon mail through historyAviation
BOFARULL (Salvador)Tabaco y filatelia: estudio tematicoN/A
BOGGS (W S)The [postage stamps and postal history of Newfoundland with postage stamps of Newfoundland [1975]N/A
BOGGS (Winthrop S)The postage stamps & postal history of Canada: a handbook for philatelists, 2 vol [1945-46]N/A
BOHN (J)The Mulready, its caricatures and pictorial offshoots [1998]N/A
BOISSEVAIN (Charles F C G)Zijn stempel gedrukt: C D Ricardo & his philatelic collection on the Dutch East Indies & Indonesia from 1942 – 1949 [1997]N/A
BOJANOWICZ (M A)The Kingdom of Poland; Poland no. 1 & associated postal history [1979]N/A
BOKIEWICZ (Zbigniew)The Scout Field Post in the Warsaw uprising 1944 in the collection of Zbigniew Bokiewicz with a brief summary of the history of the SFP by Dr Zbigniew MikulskiN/A
BOLAFFIVictor Victoria [1990]N/A
BOLAFFI (Alberto)I bolli e gli annulamenti postali degli Stati Sardi usati nel periodo 1851-1863 [1935]N/A
BONAES (Bjorn E)Deutsches Dienstpostamt Oslo 1942-45Military
BONAR (J J)Penny Posts of Edinburgh & District 1773-1839 [1972]N/A
BONNEFOY (Laurent)Les empreintes de machines a affranchir utilisees en France depuis 1999N/A
BOOKER (John)Maritime quarantine – the British experience 1650-1900Maritime, Quarantine
BOOTH (G)Crises in the Cayman Islands Post Office 1889-1939 [2020]N/A
BORTFELDT (Dieter)The LANSA story: the postal history of the Colombian airline LANSAN/A
BOSC (C)Catalogue Illustre des Marques Postales et Cachets a Date Muanuels d’Algerie 1749-1962 [2001]N/A
BOSE (W B L)Los origenes del correo terrestre en Guatemala [1939]N/A
BOSE (W B L)Los origenes del correo terrestre en Chile [1936]N/A
BOSE (Walter B L)Antecedentes trabajos y publicaciones. [1938]N/A
BOTTOMLEY (Frank)The franking system in the Post Office 1652-1840 [1990]Franking
BOUGE (J B de)Carte generale des bureaux et tenances des postes des Pays-Bas-Autrichiens [1977]N/A
BOURGUIGNAT (J)Le Controle Postal et Telegraphique Francais pendant la premiere guerre mondiale (1914-21) [2010]Censorship
BOURSELET (VLa poste maritime, les paquebots francais et leurs cachets 1780-1935 [1936]Maritime
BOURSELET (V)Les obliterations des bureaux de poste de l’Afrique du Nord (Algerie – Tunisie – Maroc)N/A
BOUSSAC (Robert)Boules de Moulins [1988]Maritime
BOWIE (Archibald Granger)The Romance of the Post Office: its inception & wondrous development [1897]N/A
BOYD (S R)Patriotic Envelopes of the Civil War – the Icongraphy of Union and Confederate Covers [2010]Stationery
BOYDEN (Peter B)Tommy Atkins Letters. History of the British army postal service from 1795 [1990]Military
BOYES (Dennis)A postal history of Bradford to 1884 [1977]N/A
BOYES (Dennis)Leeds and it’s sub-offices postal history notes to 1900 [1980]N/A
BOYLE (Thomas H) jnrAirmail Operations during World War II [1998]Aviation
BRAAKE (Alex L ter)The posted letter in colonial and revolutionary America 1628-1790 [1975]N/A
BRANDT (Don)Walking into Iceland’s postal history [1993]N/A
BRANDT (Orhan)Turk Postalari ilk filatelik damga ve muhurleri 1863-1920 / Premiers marques postale philateliques de la Turquie [1963]N/A
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