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BAILLIE (Ian L G)St Petersburg: the Imperial Post – its postmarks and other postal markings [2001]N/A
BAILLIE (Ian)An introduction to the postal history of BristolN/A
BAINES (F E)On the track of the mail coach [1895]Coaching
BAKER (Alan)A catalogue of Indian censorship 1914-1920 [1994]Censorship
BAKER (Cyril)History of the posts in Halifax parish [1974]N/A
BAKER (I), GRAHAM (D), SANIG (M), SHAND (B)The Scottish Additional Halfpenny Mail Tax 1813-1839 & The Welsh Additional Halfpenny Mail Tax 1836-1839 [2017]N/A
BAKER (Ken)The early postal history of the Griqualands and the Bechuanalands [1983]N/A
BAKER (Ken)Military mails at the Cape of Good Hope 1795-1870 [1985]Military
BAKER (Ken)The postal history of the Transkeian Territories [1983]N/A
BAKER (P.A.)The Free French in London 1940-1945 [2017]Military
BAKER (Rodney)Great steamers white and gold: a history of Royal Mail ships and services [1993]Maritime
BALDWIN (N C )Post-war bridging the Atlantic 1945-50 [1950]Aviation
BALDWIN (N C)Air France: history of the development of the air mail services [1968]Aviation
BALDWIN (N C)The airposts of South Africa 1911-1956 [1957]Aviation
BALDWIN (N C)20 years of B.E.A. helicopter mails [with] B.E.A helicopter mails, 1968Aviation
BALDWIN (N C)Imperial Airways (and subsidiary companies): a history and priced check list of the Empire Air Mails [1950]Aviation
BALDWIN (N C)Great Britain and Ireland: catalogue of internal airmails 1910-1941 [1941]Aviation
BALDWIN (N C)Fifty Years of Atlantic mail flightsAviation
BALDWIN (N C)Bridging the Atlantic: a chronological record of all projected attempts & successful Atlantic flights until the inception of regular services [1946]Aviation
BALDWIN (N C)Fifty years of British air mails 1911-1960 [1969]Aviation
BALDWIN (N C)The external airmails of Australia [1965]Aviation
BALLHORN (F) compilerAlphabets of the world. Originally published as Grammatology: a manual of reference to the alphabets [1983]N/A
BANKS (A)The postmarks of Nyasaland and Malawi (including British Central Africa), 2nd ed [2004]N/A
BANNISTER (Alan)The commemorative and first day postal markings of Malta 1923-99 [2002]N/A
BANO (Adrian Hernandez)Prefilatelia Venezolana: estudio de 108 anos de correo sin estampillas en Venezuela [1978]N/A
BAREFOOT (J)Denmark numeral cancels (1851-71) [1983]Scandinavia
BARETTE (Maurice),Collecting British squared circle postmarksN/A
BARGHOLZ (Percy),Ecuador postal history and a listing of prephilatelic postmarksN/A
BARLING (G)The postal rates of Croatis and Srem [1999]N/A
BARLING (Geoff)The postal history of Sremskva Mitrovica [1993]N/A
BARNES (Robert)The Falkland Islands: the black and red postal franks (1869-1878) [2000]N/A
BARNES (Robert)The postal cancellations of the Falkland Islands [1982]N/A
BARNES (Robert)The postal service of the Falkland Islands including South Shetlands (1906-1931) and South Georgia [1980]N/A
BARNES (Rufus)Aerogrammes of Christmas Island (Indian Ocean) [1995]Aviation
BARRELL (Bill)London coffee houses [2007]N/A
BARTLETT (C J S)The Railway Station, Mail Agent & Stationery Sorting Office Postmarks of India 1862-1924 [2013]Railways
BARWIS (John H)Philadelphia foreign mail cancellations to 1882 [2002]N/A
BASHFORD (H H)Post office medical service [1936]N/A
BASSIL (S)Seventy Years of Postal History at the French Post Office in BeirutN/A
BATHE ( Peter)The bye posts & cross posts of London: a study of developments in the twopenny post in the early 19th century [1992]N/A
BATTEN (A G M)More about the postmarks of the Orange Free State & the Orange River Colony 1868-1910 [1973]N/A
BATTEN (A G M)The Orange Free State: pages from a postmark collection [1983]N/A
BATTEN (A G M)The Post Office militant 1899-1902, the Anglo-Boer War. [1981]Military
BATTEN (A G M)The postmarks of the Orange Free State & the Orange River colony 1868-1910 [1972]N/A
BATTEN (A G M)Proceedings of the Army Post Office Corps in South Africa 1899-1902. [1983]Military
BATTEN (A G M)The Roodeval incident [1981]Military
BATTY-SMITH (W de B P)Sarawak: the Rajah’s Officers 1841-1946N/A
BATTY-SMITH (W de B P)Sarawak: the issues of 1871 & 1875 plating studies & postal histor [1990]N/A
BATTY-SMITH (W)Sarawak Registration Cachets 1874-2000 [2010]N/A
BAUSCHE (Werner)The Penny Postage Jubilee 1890: a compilation of contemporary documents & publications, stationery [1989]N/A