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Arnell J.C. & Luddington M.H. The Bermuda Packet Mail and the Halifax – Bermuda Mail Service 1806-1886 £25.00
Bentley M. The British Post Office in Colombia 1821-81 £35.00
Campbell P. Posted in Advance for Christmas 1902-09 £25.00
Champness M. & Trapnell D. Adhesive Wafer Seals £25.00
Courtis J. Analysis of Worldwide Postal Wrappers Vols 1 & 2 (two at £25.00 each) £50.00
Courtis J. Cyclopaedia of Overprinted Private Wrappers: A Postal History Archive
(Information about this book is available here.)
Feldman H.V. Letter Receivers of London 1652-1857 (2 vols) £40.00
Garcia R. The British Postal Service in Morocco 1749-1906 £50.00
Hendy J.G. Ship Letters £10.00
Holyoake A. Great Britain: Secured Delivery leading to Registration 1450-1862 £5.00
Holyoake A. The British Post Office from 1635 Inception through to the Introduction and First Day Usage of the Postage Stamp £5.00
Huggins A. The Postal Historical Significance of Prepaid Postal Stationery £5.00
Kenton P.J. & Parsons H.G. Early Routings of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. 1842-79 £15.00
Mark G. Imperial & Foreign Mails, Sea Conveyance during War 1914-18 £12.00
Mark G. Prisoners of War in British Hands in World War I £25.00
Pizer R. German Occupation of Belgium & North Eastern France 1914-18 £20.00
Salt D. The Domestic Packets between Great Britain and Ireland 1635-1840 £5.00
Scott C. From Beef Tea to Battleship: William Greenall Coe, Mariner and Submariner 1912-1917 £20.00
Scott J.G.S. Official Franking 1800-40 £5.00
Stotter D. A Postcard from Tangier: A Postal & Social History 1880-1958 £45.00
Stotter D. The British Post Office Services in Morocco 1907-57 £45.00
Trapnell D. Aspects of Palestinian Postal History 1914-1979 £20.00
Trapnell D. The Postal History of Paiforce 1942-46 £12.00
Trapnell D. Who Goes There? The Postal History of British Prisoner of War Camps in the Middle East in WW2 £12.00
Ward R. & Leece B. Manx Mail £5.00