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ANTONINI (E)Histoire postale des lacs et des rivieres du monde (sauf USA et DDSG (Danube Steam Navigation Co)) [1984]Maritime
AQUILA (N)I francobolli degli ultimi Re – Il servizio postale in Sicilia dal 1 gennaio 1859 all’estate del 1860 [1990]N/A
ARCHER (M Scott)The Corsini Letters [2011]N/A
ARCHER (M Scott)The Postal History of Wales with particular reference to Merioneth [1971]N/A
ARCHER (M Scott)The Welsh Post Towns before 1840 [1970]N/A
ARCHER (M Scott)Postman’s Roots: 200 years of letter carrying in Breconshire [2003]N/A
ARCHER (Michael Scott)The penny posts of Wales before 1840N/A
ARCHIVE fur Deutsche PostgeschichteDie Deutsche feldpost im Osten und der Luftfeldpostdienst osten im Zweiten Weltkrieg, [1969]Military
ARMITAGE (D B)Iraq- Postal History 1920 to 1940 [2009]N/A
ARNELL (J C)Atlantic mails: a history of the mail service between Great Britain & Canada to 1889 [1980]Maritime
ARNELL (J C)The Bermuda packet mails & the Halifax-Bermuda mail service 1806 to 1886 [1989]Maritime
ARNELL (J C)Steam & the North Atlantic Mails – the impact of the Cunard Line & subsequent companies on the carriage of transatlantic mails [1986]Maritime
ARNHOLTZ (Svend)Danske poststempler fra frimaerketiden: Vol 1: Haandbog og katalog (1851-1929) [1953]N/A
ARNOT (J)The Brunswick StarN/A
ARON (Joseph)Forerunners to the forerunners: a pre-philatelic postal history of the Holy Land [1988]N/A
ARROW (Nicholas)South African Airmails [2008]Aviation
ARSENI (A)Storia della Navigazione a Vapore e dei Servizi Postali Sul Mediterraneo Vol. 1 1818-1839 [2013]; Vol. 2 1840-1850 [2016]; Vol.3 184-1850 [2017]Maritime
ARTMONSKY (R)Bringers of Good Tidings – Greetings Telegrams 1935-1982 (2009)Telegrams
ARUNDEL (R)Brunswick Star Cancels [Second Edition 2012]N/A
ARUNDEL (Richard)Spoon cancels [2nd Impression, 1994]N/A
ARUNDELL (R)Irish Spoon Cancels [1997]N/A
ASH (Russell)Dear cats: the Post Office letters [1986]N/A
ASHFORD (P T)British occupation of Batum: postal history & postage stamps [1989]Military
ASHLEY (Maurice)John Wildman plotter and postmaster: a study of the English Republican Movement in the seventeenth century [1947]N/A
ASHURST (W H)Facts & reasons in support of Mr Rowland Hill’s plan for a universal penny postage [1838]Rowland Hill
ASQUITH (Brian L)Air routes to the Far East: the China connection [Rossiter Postal History Journal 1 2000]Aviation
ASQUITH (Brian L)Triest / Trieste: a display [1995]N/A
ASSOCIATION OF SCOTTISH PHILATELIC SOCIEGlasgow 2000, 3rd ABPS Biennial National Exhibition, 17th-18th November 2000, SeCC GlasgowN/A
ASTROM (Pernilla)The mail road across land and sea Stockholm-Aland-Turku/Abo: a historical travel guide through three regionsN/A
ATTWOOD (J H)Ascension: the stamps & postal history [1981]N/A
AUCKLAND (A Bruce)Mileage marks of Scotland [1965]N/A
AUCKLAND (A Bruce)Postal markings of Scotland to 1808 [1978]N/A
AUCKLAND (A Bruce)Postal markings of Scotland to 1840 [1985]N/A
AUCKLAND (A Bruce)Penny Posts of Edinburgh & District 1773-1839 [1972]N/A
AUCKLAND (A Bruce)Penny posts of Scotland [1978]N/A
AUCKLAND (B)Postal Markings of Scotland to 1840 (2nd Edition, Ed. R. Stables) [1995]N/A
AUCKLAND (R G) compilerAerial propaganda leaflets produced by the United Nations joint forces for operation ‘Desert Storm”, Persian Gulf 1991 [1992]Military
AUGUSTIN (B)Les documents officiels racontent la Poste a Luxeuil et dans les environs de 1851 a 1918 [1999]N/A
AUSTEN (Brian)English provincial posts 1644-1840: a study based on Kent samples [1978]N/A
AUSTRALIA POSTThe city’s centrepiece: the history of the Sydney GPO [1988]N/A
AWCOCK (P G)Automatic letter sorting in the United Kingdom 10th ed [1989]Mechanisation
AWCOCK (Patrick G)Skeleton postmarks of England & Wales; including Channel Islands and Isle of Man by James A Mackay 3rd Edition [2006]N/A
AYRES (G)History of the Mail Routes to Ireland until 1850 [2011]Coaching, Maritime
BABCOCK (W L)Supplementary mail markings: New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, San Juan,Puerto Rico, San Francisco & Honolulu [1939]N/A
BAGUST (F)Some notes on the small post offices of London in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries [1937]N/A
BAGWELL (Philip)The railway clearing house in the British economy 1842-1922 [1968]Railways
BAILEY (W J)The Canadian military posts Vol 1 Colonial Period to 1919 [1984], Vol 2 Between the wars 1920-1946 [1985], Vol 3 Operations in NATO, United Nations & Canada 1947-1981 [1990]Military
BAILLIE (Ian L G)Pre-Soviet Russia: registered and associated mail (Rossiter Postal History 2, 2001)Registration, Russia