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WARD (R)The postal history of Bridlington & Bridlington Quay [1967]N/A
WARD (R)Chapeltown, Sheffield & District Posts [1986]N/A
WARD (R) & LEECE (B)Manx Mail: the postal history of the Isle of Man from early times to 1867 [1969]N/A
WARD (R) & SEDGEWICK (W A)The temporary handstamps of Yorkshire and administrative areas [1977]N/A
WARD (R) & SEDGEWICK (W A)Sheffield’s Post Offices in the Wapentake of Strafforth & Tickhill [1979]N/A
WARD (R) & SEDGWICK (W A )The postal history of Bridlington, Filey & Hunmanby [1985]N/A
WARD (R) & SEDGWICK (W A)Sheffield Postal History to 1880 [1984]N/A
WARD (R) & SEDGWICK (W A)The postal history of Harrogate, Knaresborough & Ripon [1976]N/A
WARD (Ronald)The Postal History of Goole, Howden & SelbyN/A
WARD (Ronald)Sheffield. Postal history from earliest times to 1850 [1969]N/A
WARD (T G S)The California, New Zealand & Australia Mail Line of Steam Packets 1870-71 [2000]Maritime
WARDQUIERS (G)Catalogue des Entiers Postaux Belges avec annonces [2001]Belgium, Postal Stationery
WARLOW (B)Shore establishments of the Royal Navy: being a list of the static ships & establishments of the Royal Navy [2000]Maritime
WARN (I M)Bristol 5th clause & penny posts 1793 to 1840 [1980]N/A
WARReN (HR)A postal history of Swansea and districtN/A
WATERFALL (A C)The Postal History of Tibet [1965]N/A
WATERS (A T)Blazing the air mail trail: pioneer air posts of the Empire [1934]Aviation
WATSON (J)The Stanley Gibbons book of stamps [1991]N/A
WATSON (James)Philatelic terms illustrated [1972]N/A
WATSON (N)Suffragettes and the Post [2010]N/A
WATSON (V C) & BOLCKOW (G E)The Postal History & Postal Markings of Stockton-on-Tees [1961]N/A
WATTERSON (W N) Sarawak Officials; a survey [1996]N/A
WATTERSON (W N) Sarawak: the De La Rue story [2000]N/A
WATTERSON (W N) Sarawak & Brunei: the De La Rue ink colours [2004]N/A
WATTERSON (W N) Borneo: the Japanese P.O.W. Camps Part 1[1989] & Part 2 [1994]Military
WATTERSON (W N) Sarawak: the issues of 1871 & 1875 plating studies & postal history [1990]N/A
WATTERSON (W N)British North Borneo, Brunei and Sarawak post-war issues and the Crown Agents [2004]N/A
WAUGH (W M)The French ‘Departements Conquis’ 1791-1815 [1980]N/A
WAUGH (W M) & LUFT (S J)A Chronology of French military campaigns & expeditions with their postal markings 1815-1983 [1984]Military
WAWRUKIEWICZ (A S) & BEECHER (H W)U.S. International Postal Rates 1872-1996 [1996]N/A
WAWRUKIEWICZ (Anthony S)US domestic postal rates 1872-1999, 2nd ed [1999]N/A
WEBB (F W)The philatelic and postal history of Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports of China & Japan [1991]N/A
WEBB (F W)The philatelic & postal history of Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports of China & Japan [1961]N/A
WEBB (F W)Hong Kong: the philatelic & postal history of Hong Kong & the treaty ports of China & Japan. [1960]N/A
WEBB (F W)Hong Kong airmails [1968]Aviation
WEBER (R E J)The messenger-box as a distinctive of the foot-messenger [1972]N/A
WEINGARTEN (A)Catalogue des Cartes Postmarks de Franchise Militaire 1914 -1918N/A
WELLBURN (G E)The stamps and postal history of colonial Vancouver Island & British Columbia 1849-71 [1987]N/A
WELLS (E)Mailshot: a history of the Forces Postal Service [1987]Military
WELLSTED (H A)Express Service 1891-1971 [1986]N/A
WELLSTED (W R)Hong Kong Post Offices & their cancellations [1963]N/A
WELLSTED (W R)Hong Kong: branch, sub-offices & temporary office markings [1967]N/A
WELLSTED (W R)Hong Kong, a study of the modern post offices in the Colony with their cancellations [1957]N/A
WELLSTED (W R) & (H)Postmarks of the date impression books, Post Office Records, Section 1 [1979]N/A
WELLSTED (W R) & LANGSTON (C)Postal arrangements to cover the issue of commemorative postage stamps of the United Kingdom 1953-66 [1967]N/A
WERNER (Hans)Geschichte der Deutschen Post in den kolonien im auslandN/A
WEST (JC)The Postal History of ChileN/A
WEST (John C)The postmarks of Valparaiso [1790-1994]N/A
WEST (V)The Post Office and the colleges [2004]N/A
WEST (V)The Postal History of the Oxford Union Society to 1920 [2012]N/A