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WEST BENGAL POSTAL CIRCLEMilepost on a long journey [2005]N/A
WESTLEY (H C)The Postal Cancellations of London 1840-90 [1950]Mechanisation
WESTLEY H C)The early postal history of the British West Indies & North America [1957]N/A
WHALLEY (J I)English Handwriting 1540-1853 [1969]N/A
WHEATCROFT (S)The Mungavin Archive of the Pioneer Flights between Europe and the East 1918-1937 [2004]Aviation
WHEATLEY R.Egypt: The Hotel Post Offices [2019]Hotels
WHEATLEY, R.The Simon Arzt Story [2020]N/A
WHEELER (R)De Havilland: A Postal History [1996]Aviation
WHEELER-HOLOHAN (V)The History of the King’s Messengers [1935]N/A
WHITE (Geoff T)The numeral cancellations of VictoriaN/A
WHITE (J S)The Postal History of New South Wales 1788-1901 [1988]N/A
WHITEHEAD (Donald R)The postmarks of Mexico 1874-1900 …N/A
WHITESIDE (J L)Some notes on currency relationships prior to 1914 [1989]N/A
WHITESIDE (J)Hyperinflation Mail prior to 1950 [1995]N/A
WHITESIDE (John)The silver yardstick 1840-1871: currencies applied to postal rates in the 19th centuryN/A
WHITNEY (J T) Yn Post Manninagh / Isle of Man Handbook of stamps and postal history [1978]N/A
WHITNEY (J T) French Islands: a priced catalogue to the postal history of the islands of the north & west coasts ofN/A
WHITNEY (J T)Collect British Postmarks [1990] [1993]N/A
WHYMAN (S E)Postal Censorship in England 1635-1844 [nd]N/A
WIDEN (K) & KNUDSEN (B)Postal Rates in Greenland 1851-1999 [2001]N/A
WIEGAND (Werner) Katalog der aerogramme von Australien und OzeanienN/A
WIENEKE (M)The German Field Post Office in the Channel Islands 1940-45Military
WIERENGA (T J)United States incoming steamship mail 1847-75 [1983]; 2nd edition [2000]Maritime
WIERENGA (T J)The Gold Rush Mail Agents to California & their postal markings 1849-1852 [nd]N/A
WIGNALL (C J) Complete British Railways maps & gazeteer 1825-1985 [1985]Railways
WIJNANTS (P)A Century of “Notices to the Public” 1782-1880 [2020]N/A
WIJNANTS (P)The Maritime Connections to and from New South Wales before 1876 [2016]Maritime
WIKE (R G)British Empire civil censorship devices World War II; Trinidad & Tobago [1993]N/A
WIKE (R G)Airmails of Trinidad & Tobago [1999]Aviation
WIKE (Ronald G)Machine Cancellations of Trinidad & Tobago 1923-1997N/A
WILDSCHUTZ (K)Die Klassischen deutschen feldpostempel 1803-1870 [1995]Military
WILKINSON (Frederick)Royal Mail Coaches [2007]Coaching
WILKINSON (I G)British Greetings Telegrams & Telemessage Special Occasion Cards [1991]Telegrams
WILLCOCKS (R M)The Postal History of Great Britain & Ireland (to 1840) [1972] 2nd edition [1980]N/A
WILLCOCKS (R M)England’s Postal History to 1840 [1975]N/A
WILLCOCKS (R M) & (R W) & BENTLEY (W)The Spoon Experiment 1853-58 [1960]N/A
WILLCOCKS (R M) & JAY (B)The British County Catalogue of postal history Vols 1-5 [1978 to 1996]N/A
WILLIAMS (B)Hold-up at Sears Crossing: a guide to the Great Train Robbery [1998]Railways
WILLIAMS (DR)A Postal History of Durham CityN/A
WILLIAMS (E A)The Postal History of the Northern Territory 1824-1988 [1992]N/A
WILLIAMS (L N) & (M)Hotel Posts of Hungary & Roumania [1962]N/A
WILLIAMSON (Sir F)Air Mails [1933]Aviation
WILLOUGHBY (M)A History of Postcards [1992]N/A
WILSON (H S)The Travelling Post Offices of Great Britain & Ireland [1996]Railways
WILSON (H S)History of the post in Derby 1635-1941 [1990]N/A
WILSON (H W)T.P.O.: a history of the travelling post offices of Great Britain ; 3 vols [1977-79]Railways
WILSON (J)Imperial Censorship operations in the Gambia in 1942 [2014]Military
WILSON (J)Report on the progress of civil aviation 1939-1945 [1996]Aviation
WILTSEE (E A)Gold Rush Steamers of the Pacific [1976]Maritime
WINFIELD (I)The Posties went to war: the story of the postal & courier service in the Falklands War [1990]Military