December 2014 - Number 352
President's Musings
Letters to the Editor
Boston Machine Cancellations by Pat Campbell
New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Airline (NYRBA) by Trevor Buckell
Franking Machines by John Rawlins
Mont Cenis Railway by Steve Ellis
Library Notes
September 2014 - Number 351
President's Musings
Letters to the Editor
WW1 British Censorship at Syria/Syros by Graham Mark
German Locals 1945 -1946 by Peter Chadwick
From Ypres to Waterloo by The Editor
Bickerdike Machine Cancellations 1897 - 1907 by Pat Campbell
Jamaica 1858 - 1860 by Steve Jarvis
Library Notes
Book Review
June 2014 - Number 350
The Industrious Fabric of Leeds by John Scott
The Travelling Post Offices of Bolivia, The Antofagasta and Bolivia Railway:
The Era of Expansion 1907 - 1930 by Barry Hobbs
The Handling of Registered Mail at Liverpool Censor's Office in WW1 by Graham Mark
'R' in Circle Handstamp: Facts, Theories and Questions by R B Galland and K Snelson
Bickerdike Machine Cancellations 1897 - 1901 by Pat Campbell
Lydiard Park, Swindon by Denis Vandervelde
Library Notes
December 2013 – Number 348
President’s Musings
Letters to the Editor
Mail ‘Mislaid’ in Singapore November 1953 by Ken Snelson
The “S.O.” Overprint stamps of Czechoslovakia by Peter Chadwick
The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel by John Scott
Frank Q by Bob Galland
Liverpool Art-2 Mark on Letter from a Whaling Vessel by Julian Jones
The French Censorship Commission in London by Graham Mark
Library Notes
Christmas Mail by John Forbes-Nixon
September 2013 – Number 347
President’s Musings
Commander George Gibson R.N. 1931-2013 by Alan Wood & Jeremy Martin
Roderick Suddaby by David Tett
Swinpex, Saturday 8th June 2013 by Pat Campbell
Meeting Report, Monkbar Hotel, York, July 2013 by Hugh Feldman
The Travelling Post Offices of Bolivia. The Antofagasta & Bolivia Railway, Inception & Consolidation
1873-1907 by Barry Hobbs
The Role of the Shipping Postmasters of South Africa by Dr. Joachim R. Frank
Library Notes
June 2013 – Number 346
President’s Musings
Postal History Society at Nature in Art, Gloucester May 2013
Letters to the Editor
Members’ Awards at Melbourne
Stuart Rossiter Memorial Lecture 2013
British Postal Museum and Archive by Adrian Steel
The Spanish Post Office Service in Morocco in 1862-66 by David Stotter
The Lloyd Austriaco Ships Serving the Near East, 1891-1918 by Denis Vandervelde
A rare Catalonian Army Postmark by Paul Hirsch
The Post History of Defeat – Italy in North Africa 1940-1943 by David Trapnell
March 2013 – Number 345
Business Reply & Postage Forward Service by John Scott
The Manuscript Cancel of Walvis Bay by Colin Faers
Joseph Davies of Gelligaer, Glamorgan - Transported to New South Wales in 1825 by Colin Lewis
December 2012 – Number 344
President’s Musings
The Port Talbot Railway & Docks Company by Neil Prior
Postal Codes – Next Stage by Graham Mark
A veritable Feast of Postal History
The Campaign for Cheap Postage and The Reform of The Post Office in The Victorian Era and Its Impact on Economic and Social Activity by Antony Eskenzi
S.M.R.A., A Most Peculiar Item by Richard Wheatley and Geoff Amos
An Early Letter to Western Canada by Julian Ruth
September 2012 – Number 343
An Unusual cover by Bob Galland
The Romanian Steamship Line (S.M.R.) Sequel by Richard Wheatley
Richard Burton's Hidden Gems
Crayon Markings on Newspaper Wrappers of Great Britain by Dr John K. Courtis
Charge of the Light Brigade
June 2012 – Number 342
Wafer Seals in the Service of Political Acitivism by Arthur H. Groten
Jordanian Occupation of Palestine by John Rawlins
East & West Junction Railway by Phil Kenton
The Correspondence of Thomas Pengelley by M.T.W. Payne
“Too Late “ and “Late Fee” Handstamps on Post Office Stationery Newspaper Wrappers by Dr. J.K.Courtis
March 2012 – Number 341
Censorship in the Italian Occupation of Libya 1915-1920 by David Trapnell
A Very Early South Australian Colonist by Colin Tabeart
Blank Registration Label on a Letter to Prof. Laski by John Rawlins
The Earliest U.S. – G.B. Registered Letter by Julian Jones
December 2011 – Number 340
Missent to Israel via an Arab Country, 1954 by Denis Vandervelde
A Preliminary Study of Corn Return Notices by Bob Galland
E.B. Creasy and the London and Colombo Forwarding Agents by J. Graham Winters
Christmas Mail by John Forbes-Nixon
Belgian Fortunes by Jeremy Martin
September 2011 – Number 339
Letter Forwarding Agents of Southampton handling 18th Century mail from the Channel Islands by David Gurney
Accelerating the Mail – Kuwait 1923 to 1939 by Francis Kiddle
An Irish Money Letter by John Rawlins
Gabon – Mail from the USS Lancaster by John Yeomans
Disinfection against cholera 1856 – 66 by Denis Vandervelde
June 2011 – Number 338
Early Examples of Mail between the U.S. West Coast and G.B. by Julian H. Jones
A Little Known Steamship Line to South Africa: The Cape of Good Hope Steamship Company by Colin Tabeart
Guissepe Mazzini & the Anti Graham Campaign, A Postscript by Graham Mark
The British Military Administration of Palestine, The Captain Gatt Correspondence by Ashley Lawrence
Handstamps; Artillery Observation Balloon Crew by David Trapnell
A Romanian Rural Post Document by Paul Hirsch
March 2011 – Number 337
The Lord Mayor’s Show by Pat Campbell
Letter from the President
Guiseppe Mazzini and the Anti-Graham Campaigns of 1844 by Graham Mark
The Disinfection of Mail at British Ports by V. Denis Vandervelde
Early Railroad contracts for Mails in the U.S.A. by Hugh Feldman
London’s First Postal Code by John Scott
December 2010 - Number 336
A Message brought to Paris by Pigeon Post in 1870-1871 by Ashley Lawrence
Cholera in New York in 1849 by Neil Prior
Irish Ship Letters by Malcolm Ray-Smith
Interrupted Mail, or is it? by John Tingey
September 2010 - Number 335
Launch of New Database Website for Postal Historians by Mordeci Kremener
The Additional Halfpenny Mail Tax 1813-139 by Pat Campbell
A Hitherto Unrecorded D.D.G.S. Cancellation by Paul Hirsch
Brunei - The Air-Sea Survey Flights 1930 by Claire Scott
An Unusual Wafer Seal Envelope by James Grimwood Taylor
The Stuart Rossiter Memorial Lecture 2010
The New South Wales Contingent to the Sudan by Richard Scott
Philatelic Conservation-Restoration by David Beech
The Bear Essentials by John Scott
Hawaii's Parcel Post, Postcards and Ordinary Mail to Canada by Randall E. Burt
June 2010 - Number 334
Disinfection of Mail against Plague from 1897 by Denis Vandervelde
Postal 'Gymnastics' in the 19th century by Semaan Bassil
A Postal Anomaly – Part 2 by Tony Wiseman
Berwick on Tweed – A New Discovery by Al Hurst
The Lord Major's Show by John Scott
Religious Wafer Seals by John Scott
Romania Steamship Line S.M.R. by Richard Wheatley
A Patagonian cover with both rail and sea postal markings by Jay Walmsley
Abatement of United Kingdom Letter Rates by Geoffrey Lewis
Visit to the London Metropolitan Archives by Pat Campbell
March 2010 - Number 333
New Zealand – The Two Capes or Direct Route by Colin Tabeart
Mauritius 1859 -1871 'Accountancy', & 'To Pay' Marks by John Yeomans
York Postal History by Clive Jones
Interrupted mail to Major-General Gordon besieged at Khartoum by Richard Stock
Route Agent Stamps of the Ohio & Mississippi River by Hugh Feldman
December 2009 - Number 332
Azores - Internal & Foreign Postal Rates - 1910 to 1940 (Part 3) by John Dahl; Portuguese Rates on Mail to Portugal from the UK by British Packets 1810 to 1812 by David Stirrups; Suspension of Mail Services - Netherlands, Dutch East and West Indies by Robert Johnson; A postal Anomaly Part 1 by Tony Wiseman; A Norwegian Immigrants Letter Home by Harry Snarvlod; Mail from London via Hudson's Bay Company Ships, 1829 - 1860 (Part 3) by Randall E Burt; An Irish Happy Christmas by John Forbes-Nixon.
September 2009 - Number 331
The Paris Post Offices by Ashley Lawrence; Azores - Internal & Foreign Rates - 1910 to 1940 (Part 2) by John Dahl; A Registered cover rejected by the Austrian Customs Authorities by Richard Stock; Mail from London via Hudson's Bay Company Ships 1829 - 1860 (Part 2) by Randall E Burt; Who knows a blind Sicilian fiddler? by John Scott.
June 2009 - Number 330
Does anyone know Helen? By John Scott; U.S. Rail Road Contract Mails 1837 - 1875 (A new study) by Hugh Feldman; Azores - Internal & Foreign Postal Rates - 1910 - 1940 (Part 1) by John Dahl; Two Covers from the LaCroze Correspondence by Dave Savadge; The La Ville d'Orleans by Ashley Lawrence; An Austrian 1836 Postal Document by Paul Hirsch; Uruguay - the Problem with Terrestres by Jay Walmsley; Mail from London via Hudson's Bay Company Ships 1829 - 1860 (Part 1) by Randall E Burt.
March 2009 - Number 329
Records for Early British Post Office Agents Abroad from 1812 by Philip Beale; Argentine to Uruguay - an interesting postcard by Jay Walmsley; Channel Island Civilian Prisoners 1940 - 1945 by Ron Brown; A letter from a Union Soldier during the American Civil War by Neil Prior; The Queensland Royal Mail Part 2 by Colin Tabeart; Early Steamboat Letters on Western Waters by Hugh Feldman; Ordinary Mail from Hawaii to Canada, 1864-1884 by Randall E Burt; Early Netherlands East Indies Airmail by Richard Wheatley.
December 2008 - Number 328
The Torres Strait Route by David Ashby; L'Affaire Raynal' - The Story of a Ballon Monte by Ashley Lawrence; The New Hebrides Islands by John Yeomans; Post in the Early Years of the Royal Mail by Malcolm Ray-Smith.
September 2008 Number 327
Hawaiian Mail to Nova Scotia in 1849 by Randall Burt - Part 2; Portugal 1912 to 1926 Ceres issues overprinted in 1928 and 1929 by Robert Johnson; The Queensland Royal Mail Part 1 by Colin Tabeart; Posted in advance of Christmas by Patrick Campbell; A 1954 Returned Letter from Czechoslovakia by Richard Wheatley; From Boston to Mazatlan via Panama, Oahu and Monterey by Hugh Feldman.
June 2008 - Number 326
Maritime mail from Gibraltar to Portugal 1835 to 1858 by David Stirrups; Post Office Strikes and Disputes by Robert Johnson; The Art of the Inn-keeper - Royal Mail Inns in North-east England by John Scott; Eyewitness to a Revolution and Civil War by Gregg Todd.
March 2008 - Number 325
Justice of the Day by John Forbes-Nixon; The Postal History of the Holy Island (Lindisfarne) - Part 2 by Al Hurst; The Last Invasion of Britain by the late Barrie Jay; "Agency" post and "Buoy's" post from the Azores by John Dahl; Letter from Henry Stanley, Earl of Derby, 1859, by Philip Beale; Hawaiian Mail to Nova Scotia in 1849 by Randall Burt - Part 1.
December 2007 - Number 324
The Postal History of the Holy Island (Lindisfarne) - Part 1 by Al Hurst; The Wounded Soldier by Claire Scott; The German Occupation of the Channel Islands (Part 2) by Gerald Marriner; Service Suspended in WW2 by Robert Johnson; Sudan - Too late and Late Fee Mail by Richard Stock; Wreck mail from the Winfield Scott by Hugh Feldman.
September 2007 - Number 323
Australia - UK Mails - the Accountancy period by Colin Tabeart; Envelope to Suriname in 1902 by Richard Wheatley; Mail between Britain and France, 1793-1815 (Part 3) by the late Barrie Jay; Hawaii's Parcel Post Conventions 1894-1896 (Part 2) by Randall Burt; The German Occupation of the Channel Islands (Part 1) by Gerald Marriner; Official Franking 1840-1890 by John Scott; Major Robert Bowen and the Siege of Ladysmith by Richard Stock; Datestamps of the First Romanian Railway Post Offices by Gabriel Sassower.
June 2007 - Number 322
Mail between Britain and France, 1793-1815 (Part 2) by Barrie Jay; The Early Railway Postmarks of Romania by Paul Hirsch; The Sandbach Correspondence (Part 3) by Richard Stock; Via Nicaragua ahead of the Mails by Hugh Feldman; Hawaii's Parcel Post Conventions 1894-1896 (Part 1) by Randall Burt; A Letter from India by Neil Prior.
March 2007 - Number 321
The "Post Office for America" Hamburg 1788-1800 by Fred Goatcher; Mail between Britain and Spain 1793-1815 (Part 2) by Carlos Celles and Barrie Jay; Postal Money Orders in Hawaii, 1882-1900 (Part 2) by Randall Burt; Mail between Britain and France, 1793-1815 (Part 1) Revolutionary Wars by Barrie Jay.

Chester Cross Post Cover

1756 letter from Chester to Petton endorsed "X post", charged 3d and sent via the Bristol to Chester cross post

Valparaiso to Hamburg via Panama

This unpaid wrapper posted in Valparaiso dated 5th September 1873 will have travelled up the west coast of South America on a Pacific Steam Navigational Company ship to Panama. There it crossed the Isthmus on the American owned railway to Colon and loaded onto R.M.S. Elbe of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company. It departed on the 21st September arriving Plymouth on the 23rd October and arriving in London the same day where a charge mark of 1/5d was struck showing the amount due to the British Post Office. On arriving in Hamburg on the 25th October a charge of 19 ½ silver groschen was raised as shown in blue crayon

Early Machine Cancellations – Hoster Trials 1882-93

Trials started with the Post Office in 1882 on 2 machines submitted by Mr. Albert Hoster, which are thought to be a development of the earlier tested Azemar prototypes. Hoster insisted they offered faster processing with a high degree of accuracy. Despite various rejections by the Post Office Circulation Department the trials continued for 11 years. The final result was that they finished up life stamping the reverse of the cover as a receiving stamp, normally in red. The above type was used at Charing Cross branch in use between 16th October 1885 until 7th December 1887

Posted in Advance for Christmas

A postcard cancelled by the 'Christmas Cross' of Knutsford, Cheshire dated 1906. This scheme was introduced in 1902 and ran until 1909 with a variety of towns participating. During the latter years it was largely based in the North West of England from the regional post offices of Manchester and Liverpool. The idea behind it was that Christmas postcards and letters could be handed into a main post office around the 17th- 22nd December. Here they were cancelled with the special cachet and given a guaranteed delivery on Christmas Day. This gave the Post Office an opportunity to sort these early posted items and help relieve some of the enormous pressure associated with the increased Christmas mail

Postage due cover

A 1964 underpaid cover illustrating the use of French and Italian postage due stamps. A French postage stamp was also used to pay part of the tax

Sudan Airmail

It is quite remarkable what lengths people will and have gone to produce a cover. This is a first day cancellation dated 5th February 1931 struck in Khartoum and sent by ship to Alexandra with a Shellal-Halfa T.P.O. dated the 18th February on the reverse. Put on a plane to the UK where, what is highly probable, a grace-and-favour hand-stamp on a ½d green, date stamped 25th September, has been applied to confirm receipt. This would help establish that the letter had been carried by airmail. Much of this supposition is based on the known fact that the addressee was a stamp dealer. However it does illustrate the point that at times it is as well to have a guess in figuring out a cover

75th Anniversary Souvenir Booklet

The Postal History Society was formed as the first specialised Society of its kind when a group of eminent enthusiasts gathered in what was no doubt a smoke-filled room at 96 Regent Street, London, on Saturday 24th October 1936. Among the names to conjure with from the annals of the past are Fred Melville, Robson Lowe, Forster Bond and Samuel Graveson, all of whom feature on many library shelves to this day.